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10 months ago

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I like to do this, in my opinion it would be even more interesting if an object is packaged through the SplashEffect process.
Depending on the person who wants to interpret from which point of view.
Sometimes art is difficult to explain, it's easier to make a reality.

© 2019 @adivender. All right reserved.

Aku suka melakukan ini, menurut aku akan lebih menarik juga kalau sebuah objek dikemas melalui proses edite SplashEffect.

Tergantung orang nya saja mau mengartikan dari sudut pandang yang mana. Terkadang seni itu susah untuk di jelaskan, lebih gampang merealisasikan.

© 2019 @adivender. All right reserved.

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Captured taken with OPPO A37f edits with SplashEffect app | © Image and text are my own | Category : PhotoEdits | Location : Aceh, Indonesia.

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Superb edit sir...


Thanks my bro