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10 months ago

© 2019 @adivender. All right reserved.

Actually, what is more dominant with this plant is the leaves, according to the name of the flower of butterfly because the leaves look like butterflies.

But make no mistake guys, the interest is no less interesting as long as we take it from the accurate angle. Small and cute flowers with green crowns, also look beautiful and elegant.

© 2019 @adivender. All right reserved.

© 2019 @adivender. All right reserved.

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Captured taken with OPPO A37f | © Image and text are my own | Category : FlowerPhotography | Location : North Aceh.

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Bunga nya indah...

Pengambilan foto nya 👍👍👍 keren bg @adivender


Thank you my bro, masih terus belajar juga!