[Announcement 2019/07/04] Update BTS Gateway

last year

Dear WEKU Community,

There seems to still be some confusion about transactions between WEKU to Bitshares. Many mistakes that have been made, with the wrong tokens being transferred to the wrong memo addresses, etc.

So to avoid any more confusion the WeKu Team is going to manually complete all transactions until further notice. If we come across mistakes we will refund the amount via the BTS-exchange account as we complete the transactions.

This process will slow down progress a bit, but it’s the way to avoid costly mistakes. It’s impossible to work around the clock, but the WeKu Team will check several times a day to keep the process running.

If you come across any problems while using the BTS gateway, please contact our local team at the Discord.

WEKU Official Discord



The WeKu Team

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Why have the team decided to close the gateway with excuse of manual transfer. If there is an issue, it is best to come out straight. Users have been complaining about their funds not going through and i also noticed the same thing since two days now.

Users will appreciate if the team rectify the issue on ground.

Funds have not moved at all in any direction for days now. This is a very poor excuse to give for effectively closing the gateway

  ·  last year

Hey there. You might have missed my transfer from over 24 hours ago. 440 Weku transferred to bts-exchange, but it hasn't shown up yet.

You could pay to list on an exchange...
Some charge less than 1 btc and would allow a better user experience

I sent weku from bitshares to my weku account, but haven't logged in until now, even though it's been more than 10 hours.