[Announcement 2019/08/06] Update WEKU Promotions

last year

Dear WEKU Community,

WEKU Team would like to update our WEKU promotions, delegation matching Weku for every purchasing Weku as following.

Buy weku coin and get a matching delegation

Become a Whale or Recruit a Whale

WEKU delegation will help us grow and support WEKU community. Therefore, we reserve the right not to delegate to those who bought underprice to avoid manipulation (under 0.03 BTS) Anyone that paid over the 0.03 BTS price can still apply.

You can apply for the delegation at the WEKU Support Channel on the Discord:



The WeKu Team

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Good move from the team

Hello, best regards.

For more than 24 hours I made and they made a transfer of WEKUCOIN to my account of Bitshares which have not reached my wallet.

I would like to know if there was a problem? Since I have not received my WEKUCOIN, if you wish you can check my wallets, where you can realize that I have made the transfer of the WEKUCOIN to my wallet in Bitshares.

I hope that the official Weku team can help me and solve this problem.

Thank you!


nobody is going to buy while there is so much mystery ... Besides that nobody trusts the platform anymore they have to make a good move. Without trust there is no investment.


Very good 👍🤝🤔

When are you going to get weku on a real exchange so the games on bitshares don't matter anymore?


It would be nice to get Weku on Blocktrades then you can do the same steps as trading on Steemit


Yes but blocktrades doesn't set the prices, they just pull prices from other exchanges. We need weku on an exchange with real volume and market makers so we can't have a few people driving prices down with minimal capital...