[Announcement 2019/08/08] Update WEKU DEV TEAM

last year

Dear WEKU Community,

We have another dev on board in- addition to Matt Liszt we now have Akinola John a frontend developer from Nigeria.

In addition to Javascript and CSS, John is familiar with Node.js, Angular and HTML.

John is anxious to help and we all feel that he will contribute a lot toward helping WeKu grow. His WeKu username is @codinglife, so please join with the WeKu Team in welcoming John to our WeKu family.


Welcome on board WEKU Dev Team John!

The WeKu Team

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Nice to see some more developers on board! Now can we get on a legitimate exchange and have a full witness list up and running?

Welcome on board
Make us proud

All my best wishes to you, people.

Welcome to WeKu John....

welcome to the team John !

@codinglife Welcome dear friend, John, I hope you find satisfaction in working with us.
I wish you much success in your new management.

Welcome my dear friend... I trust you will do massive things for weku. Lets discuss and start creating things.

Welcome developer, hopefully you can bring changes to this platform JOhn

Wish you happiness here

Welcome my friend

PicsArt_08-08-08.34.37.gif I made one logo small for you, I hope you, like my job this


He will like it. He is a friend. thank you.

Thanks a lot for this ☺☺, I'll do my best to improve weku.

Hello John, welcome on board.

Welcome Weku dev team...

Selamat datang sahabat kami john di tim WEKU

Selamat datang tiv dev semoga flatform weku makin berjaya

Welcome, tim Dev WEKU John.

Welcome to WeKu John

Good luck

Welcome to @codinife

Welcome! Emoticono Happy face.png

Selamat datang @codinglife di weku terhebat kami ...

Welcome, we poke Weku in the place he deserves, in the crypto world. It is the moment, it is the now.


Welcome to join the WEKU team

Hey John.

Good job sir