[Announcement 2019/08/12] WEKU Coin Listed On Steem Engine

last year

Dear WEKU Community,

The BTS bridge for Steem Engine is now live!
More then a half of WEKU community members are on Steemit and many different platforms on the Steem base blockchain. The Steem Engine market will play an important part for users. Now it is possible for WEKU members to trade different currencies in one place.

For instructions on how to transfer funds please see the link below.


See our Token introduction on Steem here:



Please be aware that the @steem-engine account on WEKU is not a direct gateway to Steem Engine and the account does not belong to the Steem Engine team. Do not send your tokens to this account!

We will improve WEKU for the best of the WEKu community. Thank you for your patience and your support.

The WeKu Team

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Nice work from the team


Nice, except that it will use the price listed on Bitshares. Can we please get it on a real exchange so there is less manipulation?

Será que ahora si valdrá algo?

this is very good news thank you for this ♥