[Announcement 2019/09/10] WEKU-BTS Gateway Is Temporary Closed

last year

Dear WEKU Community,

As you may have noticed we are experiencing a glitch in the WEKU-BTS gateway. It is in the process of being repaired so please do not attempt to transfer any funds until further notice.

The WEKU Team is working on this as fast as possible and we’re sorry for any inconvenience. As always, we thank you for your patience and will make another announcement when the gateway is fixed. All transactions currently pending will go through, your funds are perfectly safe.

Thank you,

The WeKu Team

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Hey, a lot of thank you, for this post. It's really headache at this time that, how to sell weku. Can you say, how much time you need to solve this problem?

If you say, we can understand and we wait for the special movement.


We are trying to work on the problems since yesterday but seem like the major update from Bitshares cause the error. I am not sure when it will be solved but hopefully soon.


We wait :)

At least I saw this before trying to trade.

For those who have transferred tokens before this update, what will be the fate of their tokens?


Every pending transactions will be completed when the system is back. If that is not the case, We will refund users. Your funds will not be lost.


I had turned in my coins to BS before the team posted about the latest Gateway Closure. Are my coins OK and I will see them once ya'll fix the issues?

Everybody... please give this a Reweku and help get the word out!

Thanks for the update and all the works you guys doin! Kudos

Thank you for this update, I was really worried. Hopefully it will be resolved sooner.

Gracias por informarnos @siamcat.