[Announcement 2019/09/13] WEKU-BTS Gateway Is Back Online

last year

Dear Community,

The WEKU- Bitshares Gateway is back online and every pending transactions are completed. If you have not received coins from your previous transactions, please contact our local team at the discord or comment this post with the screen capture of your transaction.

WEKU Support Channel


You can check our latest transactions at Bitshares


Thank you,

The WEKU Official Team

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I send 300 weku to rev-bank yesterday but till I can not received my bit.share

When will this coin come?

Not received in account -
gor671 отправил 2 757,5371 WEKUCOIN на weku-exchange
0,47737 BTS 2019-09-10 10:55:24


Hi Gor,
can you please tell me more about your transactions?
Did you correctly add the memo? (your account name), I will ask Eric to take a look at the case and get back to you via discord.


Hi siamcat !!!! I myself would be happy to say more about this transaction, but I haven’t found any more tabs yet. There is a saying - "the first pancake is lumpy." I master the gateway and the exchange. Perhaps it makes a difference in the comment on the output - Gor671, it may be necessary - gor671

Troubles again?
My transfer from yesterday is still missing...

Thanks in advance for checking.

sir i wanna say some thing..
Weku is trade bale as we all know, but it is launched on the site which is taking long time to start or often it is not starting in my laptop because we are student and poor people so we don't have a full connection speed like 50 Mb or 10 Mb i just have 500KBPs speed network and i worked on weku 8 months as it is proven by my reputation as well as i am in whitleist too.
so i couldn't trade weku as like steem.. Steem was very easy to trade that's why it made many people and users and still there are users not leaving steem.
Second thing:
As i Told i worked on weku 8 months, (i am not selfish , i am trying to defense all of people like me) i didn't got just $1 from weku of my hard work. because weku price is very low. . these tow problem when you solve i will love weku and the team too..