[Announcement 2019/10/26 ]Buy WEKU promotion/October

last year

Dear Community,

Please checkout our buy WEKU, free delegation promotion for this month.

To boost sales and interest in the WeKu platform we are once again running a promotion. Remember, whatever helps Weku to gain visibility, helps your posts to get noticed. As the price of Weku goes up, so does membership and that helps us all.

Promotion, buy WEKU, free delegation of the month

  • Every purchase of WEKU via Bitshares and Steem Engine from 01.10.2019 - 31.10.2019 will get 1:1 delegation for 1 month. When applying for the delegation, please provide our team at Discord with your trading history as well. For more information, please see our previous post:


  • Every purchase of WEKU from WEKU-OFFICIAL via https://tokens.weku.io or @winwinwin account on Steem from 01.10.2019- 31.10.2019 will get 1:1 delegation for 1 year.

Applying for the delegation, please contact our team at the support channel on the Discord:


Thank you,

The WeKu Team

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How to use WEKU - Bitshares Gateway

How to use Bitshares - Steem Engine Gateway

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Good deal...

this is a very good opportunity... 👍

Very good step .

October gone !!

Are you only interested in selling tokens? Where is the development? If you actually build something worthwhile the money will come easy... you seem to be trying to work backwards.