[Announcement 2019/12/05] Update / Account @chen

last year

Dear Community,

This is a warning for all WEKU users! At this point, it’s still not possible for us to recover the @chen account. This account is still in the hands of the hacker and it starting to create confusion as well as terrorize many of our users by constant flagging. We are working with many whale accounts to try and offset the damage by upvoting. Of course we can’t get to everyone, but we’ll try to get as many as possible.

The @chen account is no longer used as WEKU’s recovery account, at this point, your individual account should not be at risk. WEKU team is working on the solution, for now we would like to ask you to be patient and ignore the flags as best you can. We are very sorry for this situation and will keep you updated in our next announcement.


The WEKU Team

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He hit the 'my grandma abuses me post' not sure if you got that one. I don't even know what I did to get on his hit list. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HE EXISTS.

Also, this may be a crazy idea but the only thing I could see is if you know someone else who can hack that can tap in and reset the key, at least the account can't be accessed?

A scammer is trading in weku, the Explorer tool is broken, the image server is not responding, the gateway service is intermitent and the auto vote is not working. Also, today the wekucoin price rised from $0.00003 to $0.00160. Could you please tell us what's going on or to appoint somebody to replace Siamcat as a spokesperson?


I just want to know how to trade it?