Enchantment of the natural scenery in the late evening, with a unique pride for our lives

2 months ago

Hello Frends Weku

Nature Photography


Hello .... goodnight friends of all Weku, hopefully this night will be the best night for us to enjoy the natural beauty that is full of blessings in this weekend @mattmcguire


Nature always gives us kindness and calm at dusk, Enjoying nature in the afternoon today is the perfect art for me, maybe this trip can make me calmer while waiting for breaking the fast, even dusk starts to leave me looking from the west the sun begins to shine red with orange combination is a sign that night is coming @mattmcguire

Maybe today there are some objects that I made in my creations tonight, I hope you can enjoy them @mattmcguire







Thus my activities tonight, about the beauty and uniqueness of nature in the time before night, hopefully you can enjoy and give the best @mattmcguire

Welcome to my blog.

Don't hesitate to leave me if you have comments. I hope this year will only bring the best !!! Photo by @mattmcguire/ Canon EOS camera 1D Mark III Follow & return @mattmcguire

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