[Announcement 2019/08/16] Update Buy WEKU Promotion

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Dear Community,

The buy WEKU and get free delegation program is ongoing. We would like to say thank you to our members for investing in WEKU by extending your delegation period from 1 month to 3 months.

Every purchase from 25th of June to 31st of August 2018 will get 3 months of one to one free delegation. For example, if you buy 1000 WEKU in this time period, you will get 1000 WP delegation 3 months for free.

Please take this advantage to build your own reputation and increase your WP. This will not just help you to gain power but you will support the growth of the WEKU economic system as well.

Currently you can buy or trade WEKU Coin via several trading platforms

  • Buy WEKU special price at https://tokens.weku.io/

  • Trade WEKU at Bitshares, please see the stepsHERE

  • Trade WEKU at Steem Engine by using the Bitshares- Steem Engine bridge. Please see the stepsHERE

Please be cautioned about the fake @steem-engine account on WEKU. This account does not belong to the Steem Engine team and the name has been stolen. DO NOT send your tokens to this account. Currently there is no direct gateway from WEKU to Steem Engine. More information HERE

Please don’t miss our referral program and WEKU Whale promotion

Friend & Family Referral Program


Become a Whale or Recruit a Whale


WEKU team reserves rights not to delegate to users in terms of disagreement or market manipulation.

For more information about the promotion program and apply for the delegation, please contact our support team




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Do you have plans of getting weku on a real exchange?

A good promote.

Good way to promote weku

thanks for the information @weku-official

thank, nice info